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Why does XDAQ One & AIO offer 3 Vstim compliance options?

XDAQ is designed with the maximum flexibility and usability. There might be time where you need higher stim voltages due to electrode impedance ( current I = VStim / Electrode Impedance). Therefore, we designed the box to supply up to 40% extra voltage limit on either the positive or negative terminal while maintaining the safe limits for the SR X-Headstage.

The 3 configurable options are:
+/- 7V (V1 LED)
+10V to -4V (V2 LED)
+4V to -10V (V3 LED)

If you are willing to sacrifice potential life time of the SR X-Headstage (the life time reduces from 100 million cycles to 1 million cycles or less), we could customize the voltage output by request at the time of order:
+/- 7V or (+/- 9V)
+14V to -4V
+4V to -14V

Look for the KonteX Tab in the XDAQ compatible applications to switch between modes

Updated on: 14/02/2023

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