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What options do I have to power the XDAQ?

XDAQ Core is powered by 35W USB-C PD (required power spec: 12V 3A). Note that some power brick have limited driving capability and causing the XDAQ unable to lock in the power (you will hear repeated clicking sound). In this case, you will need to try a different make/model.

XDAQ One and AIO can be powered by the same external 35W USB-C PD adapter or directly to wall plug (AC input 100-240V). If both USB-C power and AC wall supply are active, USB-C circuit will be disabled. Please make sure the GND pin in the wall plug is truly grounded to earth.

If desired, you can also run XDAQ off batteries. There are many USB PD based power banks; be sure to check that it supplies the required 12V 3A spec.

Updated on: 14/02/2023

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