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What is the difference between XDAQ Core, One, AIO

XDAQ Core is the entry level box that supports both electrical stimulation and high speed neural recording. The Core can drives up to 512ch of recording X-Headstages or 32ch of stim-record X-Headstage (upgradable to 64ch). Note, it is not possible to plug in both recording and stim-record X-Headstages at the same time. Only one type of X-Headstage can be used at a time.

XDAQ One is the solution for users needing higher recording and stimulation performance - up to 1024ch of recording X-Headstages or up to 128ch of stim-record X-Headstages.

XDAQ AIO is KonteX flagship acquisition box that offers additional functionality for optogenetics, video/audio recording and calcium imaging. While having a higher base price, users can purchase the base system and purchase functionality upgrades later.

Updated on: 26/08/2022

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