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What is the advantage of implanting/cementing the X-Headstage with the electrode?

In general, signal quality and longevity can be improved when the headstage and electrode are firmly cemented on the skull. Mechanical strain is minimized on the connector interface due to lower height from the cantilever effect, thus drastically minimizing motion artifact. Disturbance to the sensitive neural interface caused by direct plug-in/out of the headstage is also significantly reduced thus improving long-term chronic signal quality.

When the X-Headstage configured with a µHDMI connector is embedded with the electrode, you can easily and safely plugin to the animal without anesthetizing the animal. The speed efficiency resulting from not having to anesthetize the animal and not worrying about breaking headstage pins or the headcap is considerable. Increases in data collection throughput can be observed.

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Updated on: 26/08/2022

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