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What do the XDAQ Status LEDs mean?

LED Indicators

SYS: ON - Program loaded
Flashing - Hardware Error
S1: ON - Acquisition on
S2: Flashing: Activities in DIN1 and DIN2
S3: Flashing: Activities in DOUT1 and DOUT2

STIM: ON - XDAQ in StimRecord (SR) Mode
V1: ON - VStim level set to +/- 7V
V2: ON - VStim level set to +10/-4V
V3: ON - VStim level set to +4/-10V

Port1 | P1: ON - Headstage Detected
Port2 | P2: ON - Headstage Detected
Port3 | P3: ON - Headstage Detected
Port4 | P4: ON - Headstage Detected

The flashing rate of S2, S3 LEDs doesn’t not reflect true IO data rate. It is deliberately slowed for visualization purpose.
Earlier models (prior to Nov 2022) of CORE front panel display S1 instead of SYS.

XDAQ CORE Front Panel

XDAQ ONE Front Panel

Updated on: 14/02/2023

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