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What are the main differences between XDAQ ONE and CORE?

XDAQ ONE and XDAQ CORE are both optimized tools designed by KonteX. Both ONE and CORE offers the ability to perform electrical stimulation. XDAQ CORE supports only up to 32-ch of SR (stim-rec) X-Headstage while XDAQ ONE supports up to 128-ch of SR X-Headstage while both supports at least 512-ch of regular X-Headstage. Because we cannot run SR (X3SR32) and R-only (X3R32, X3R64, X6R128) X-Headstage at the same time due to the way the two types of X-Headstages are controlled, when users are interested in running electrical stimulation experiments, XDAQ's recording capability is essentially limited to the number of channels in the SR X-Headstage. So in case of XDAQ CORE, users can only run either a 16-ch or 32-ch stimulation experiment (i.e. runs one X3SR32 X-Headstage) with each of the 16/32 amplifiers can be independently configured to deliver electrical stim pulses or record neural activities; XDAQ ONE can support up to 128-ch switchable stimulation-recording experiment (i.e. runs four X3SR32 X-Headstages). If stimulation experiment is not needed, then both ONE and CORE can supports at least 512-ch of regular X-Headstages (or regular Intan RHD2000 series headstages), depending on how many units were plugged in.

Additionally here are additional advantages XDAQ ONE has over the CORE:
XDAQ ONE has an advanced electrical design that isolates the sensitive animal signal from the rest of the system.
Further to above, XDAQ ONE includes dedicated and separated GND nodes for better noise optimization. Read here for more information.
XDAQ ONE includes an upgraded power design and can be powered by either USB-C PD or the build-in 25W worldwide AC power supply.
XDAQ ONE has 3 selectable VStim compliance options (+/- 7V, 4/-10, 10/-4) while XDAQ CORE has a fixed +/- 7V Vstim compliance. Additional VStim compliance offered by XDAQ ONE offers additional current driving capability and may come in handy for those with working with high impedance electrode.
XDAQ ONE includes 8 sets of digital IO and 2 sets of analog IO; XDAQ CORE includes only 7 sets of digital IO and 1 set of analog IO. Both can increase the supported IO to additional 24 sets of digital IO and additional 6 sets of analog IO with the XDAQ Expander.
XDAQ ONE uses an heavy duty aluminum enclosure (weights ~3kg) for optimal heat dissipation and XDAQ CORE uses a standard aluminum enclosure (weights ~0.85kg), which runs a little bit warmer but works fine.

Updated on: 11/10/2022

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