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Selecting and Configuring the X-Headstage

Currently KonteX offers 3 type of X-Headstages

X3R: recording | 32ch (x3R32) or 64ch (x3R64)

X3SR: stimulation + recording | 32ch (x3SR32) or 64ch (coming soon)

X6R: recording | 128ch (x6R128), 256ch (x6R256) and by custom design: 384ch, 448ch

If you wish to do electrical stimulation related experiments, choose X3SR. If you are interested in a super small, high channel (>128ch), choose X6R. Choose X3R64 if budget allows as X3R32 has the exact footprint as X3R64 - they are the smallest headstages currently available.

Note the R (recording) and SR (stim-record) X-Headstages cannot be used together at the same time.

**System Connector**

The biggest decision to make when configuring the X-Headstage is what sort of system side connector you wish to use. We recommend the µHDMI connector for ease of use and cost reasons especially considering the availability of low cost, flexible HDMI cable.

One option worth pointing out is that you may give our cost effective HDMI connector/cable solution a try by using the HDMI Cable to Intan Adapter and continue to SPI cable to hook up to existing controller/system.

Alternatively, the 12-pin Omnetics Intan connector can be configured though at a higher cost. Note we currently do not offer the 16-pin Omnetics connector used in the Stim-Rec headstages. However, they can be custom ordered available upon request.


Configure the optional protective armor. KonteX has tested that even without the armor, X-Headstage can be dental cemented and recovered for re-use without any problem.

We currently offer several off-the-shelf armor designs:

N (naked): Bare board without structural armor protection. This would the lightlest option if weight is of a concern.

M (mini): minimal structural design protecting the X-Headstage.

S (screw): armor design with locking mechanism for KonteX accessories. Adds about 4.39mm to the width and about 0.03g to the overall weight.

IP (IP rated): full armor shielding to provide added water resistance protection.

If you require absolute minimal size and weight with added mechanical structural protection, choose the M armor. You can still use the compatible accessories/adapters. Just keep in mind that without the locking mechanism, you need be careful not disturbing the connection interface before applying acrylic to secure the connection.


X3R and X6R comes standard with 3-axis accelerometer installed to the auxiliary inputs of the amplifier circuits. X3SR does not support accelerometer.


KonteX can work with you to further optimize our design to your needs. Connector-cable orientation, headstage body orientation, connector, armor shape/material and etc are some of options that can be customized. Contact us for more details.

Updated on: 13/02/2023

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