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Install and Using Short Analyzer

Short Analyzer is a powerful tool to troubleshoot your neural probes. Short circuit could occur during the electrode manufacturing, plating process or after electrodes have been implanted for extended period of time.

To use the Short Analyzer, simply power it using a USB-C power and data cable. It can be used as a stand alone device and the onboard LED status light will indicate if there is short circuit detected in the system. To begin, press the Test Button and activity light will flash while measurement is taking place. Once the measurement is complete, the Status LED will reveal the measurement result:

Green light - no short circuit

Red light - shorts detected. To see the detail of the short circuits, open the XDAQ software or run the standalone python tool.

Press the Test Button to clear the result and the device is ready to perform another measurement.

To run the python tool, download the, install pySerial (execute "pip install pySerial"), and run the program by typing "python" in terminal.

Establish COM port connection to the device. Console will display "Connected". You can try testing the connection by pressing the Ping button also.

If you performed a test before opening the software, you can read the previous detection result by pressing the View Log button.

Press the Test button to start a new test. Result will be shown in the measurement window.

Updated on: 10/11/2022

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