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How to run more than 4 headstages with the XDAQ?

XDAQ is designed for high channel neural acquisition. Although there are only 4 ports on board with each box, it is possible to drive more than 4 headstages/animals at the same time (though each with a lower channel count configuration).

For example, each XDAQ ONE port supports up to 256ch of X3R/X6R Rec X-Headstage and with 4 ports, XDAQ ONE can drives up to 1024 neural recording channels simultaneously. To record from 16 or even 32 headstages/animals simultaneously, it is possible to split the data and control lines into additional ports with an adapter. KonteX can help making this adapter cost effectively. Users with their own design capability can reference articles below to make your own implementations.

See this article for the pin and signal type of the HDMI ports.

See this article on the maximum channels of each type of X-Headstages supported for the XDAQ.

Updated on: 10/02/2023

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