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How much do the adapters weight?

Here are the weight of the adapters excluding adhesives

SKUNameWeight (g)
Adpt-A16Acute 16ch Probe Adapter16.35
Adpt-A32Acute 32ch Probe Adapter15.10
Adpt-A64Acute 64ch Probe Adapter19.50
Adpt-OM16Omnetics 16ch Probe Adapter0.47
Adpt-OM16VOmnetics 16ch Probe Adapter Vertical Design0.49
Adpt-OM32Omnetics 32ch Probe Adapter0.56
Adpt-OM32-StimOmnetics 32ch Probe Adapter for SR Headstage0.56
Adpt-OM32VOmnetics 32ch Probe Adapter Vertical Design0.58
Adpt-OM32V-StimOmnetics 32ch Probe Adapter Vertical Design for SR Headstages0.58
Adpt-OM64Omnetics 64ch Probe Adapter0.92

Updated on: 09/11/2022

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