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How is XDAQ different than Open-Ephys Acquisition system?

OpenEphys acquisition box offers a great value and highly capable software that is used by many researchers around the world.

KonteX designed the XDAQ to support the multi-modal experimental needs in today's neuroscience. Every XDAQ features both electrical stimulation and high quality neural recording out of box. KonteX carefully tuned the electrical performance and characteristics of the XDAQ line and uses aluminum enclosure for higher durability and heat management. XDAQ One and AIO offers improved performance with TruGround and electrically isolated animal ports. XDAQ AIO supports even more functionalities in optogenetics, behavior video recording, and calcium imaging.

XDAQ Core is priced competitively as the OpenEphys acquisition box but offers improved electrical performance and additional functionality for electrical stimulation. For those looking for a solution that supports more experimental needs and that can be scaled as research need arises, XDAQ AIO is an excellent choice. Note that AIO functionalities can be added after base system is purchased.

Updated on: 26/08/2022

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