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How is X-Headstage more cost-effective than headstages offered by other vendors?

We believe the X-Headstage is a better solution overall. It is super small and is supported by a wide variety of accessories for a more flexible surgery. It can transform any passive probes into an active design, offering better noise rejection and signal acquisition quality.

The X-Headstage leverages an adapter-based design to interface with commonly used probes with connectors such as the Omnetics, which can be difficult to plug and unplug. It is not uncommon for the headstage pins in a conventional design to bend or break, in which case the headstage has to be thrown away. With the X-Headstage one can easily and cheaply replace the broken pin without replacing the entire headstage.

The X-Headstages can be repaired. Even with the armor installed, we are able to replenish broken X-Headstages with new connectors while reusing the expensive amplifiers. See our site for "Repair and service cost," conditions apply.

Finally, we offer a bulk discount see promotion page for more information.

Updated on: 26/08/2022

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