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How do x3R, x3SR, and x6R headstages differ?

The x3R is the ultra-small headstage supporting 32ch or 64ch of high-speed neural recording. The x3SR is a switchable stim-rec headstage with 32ch configuration per chip and up to 64ch can be configured per headstage. The X3 line has a base dimension of 8.5x8.5x5mm.

x6R is designed for high channel experiments and starts at 128ch with a base dimension of 10x10x5mm. It can be configured to drive up to 448ch with a single cable. KonteX is currently testing the headstage solution for a higher than 256ch headstage design.

Under the hood, x3R is powered by the Intan RHD2132, the x3SR is powered by the Intan RHS2116, and the x6R is powered by the Intan RHD2164.

Updated on: 26/08/2022

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