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Handling the X-Headstage [Important]

Properly handle the X-Headstage will prolong the lifetime and reliability.

To plugin connect the EIB/Probe/Adapter, align the two units directly on top of each other and exert equal force along the entire area. If the connectors are plugged in properly, there will be a satisfying lock feel. Make sure a good connection is established before screwing the X-Headstage with standard armor into an adapter.

To detach the EIB/adapter from the headstage, use a small flat screwdriver and tilt the EIB or probe boards away from the X-Headstage from either the top (HDMI or Omnetics connector) or bottom side. Do not push the EIB/probe along the side (the long side).

To plugin the cable, exert some press over the HDMI/Omnetics connector to minimize any tear between the stacks of PCBs in the X-Headstage. This is particularly important for X-Headstage without armor protection.

Updated on: 13/02/2023

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